Where Do We Come From?

Through humor and music, “Where Do We Come From?” tells the story of a child’s curiosity about where babies come from during his mother’s pregnancy. The play is a delicate attempt at explaining this fundamental question that many parents have a hard time with. It explores different myths surrounding this subject and resolves it through a scientific explanation.

Playwright: Mehdi Chakeri
Director: Mohammad Aghebati
Producer: Mehrnoush Alia
Production Manager: Raha Jahanshahi
Cas and Puppeteer: Olka Hedayat & Hadi Ataei
Composer & Lyrics: Shahrzad Beheshtian
Sound: Kasra Pashaei
Puppet: Monir Molavizadeh
Animation: Saba Nasiri
Set: Amir Hossein Davvani
Light: Ali Koozehgar
Costume: Hoda Mirzaei
Graphist: Mojtaba Adibi
Photographer: Saina Ghaderi