“The Little Black Fish” is one of the most celebrated contemporary children’s stories in Iran.  We produced a free adaptation of it for the stage because we believe in the the importance of producing great art for children. “The Little Black Fish” is a story that has inspired generations of Iranians to dream big and explore new horizons.  The play was selected by New Victory Theater for their Artists LabWorks program and was The New York Times pick for things to do with children.

Samad Behrangi’s short story is about a fish that lives in a small stream and wants to live a life with aspirations and purpose.  He embarks on an eye-opening journey with the spirit of a dreamer experiencing an awakening, but in the process he does more than that. The path leads him to wisdom, courage, awareness and study of complex social relations. The story of “The Little Black Fish” is a revelation, not just an experience. It is about stepping outside the confines of a self-centered life, and about drawing a distinction between the wandering and the stationary. It has a pedagogic value with numerous underlying political messages and shows a path to freedom, equality and justice, with a simple analogy for younger readers to understand.

The goal of the little Black Fish is to fulfill his ultimate quest: “How will my life or death impact the lives of others?” This iconic story can inspire real change, and encourage children to dream big, think critically, and be a positive change in the world. It is a timely story and our team has produced a mesmerizing play around it that employs music and multimedia to create a unique interactive experience.

This project became possible with generous support of our backers on Indiegogo and Fractured Atlas as well as a grant from Brooklyn Art Council, New Victory Theater, and NYSCA.  We continue to accept donations to help us with the tour of the project.  The donations to our fiscal sponsor are tax deductible.