Maaa Art

Founded in 2015, Maaa Art is a New York-Based theater and film production company. It was founded by a group of immigrant artists with the objective of creating an artistic platform for people like themselves who have more than one country they call home. Maaa means “us” in Persian, a central word to the core value of our company: to resist the division and otherness.  We have chosen to focus on our similarities rather than the little that makes us different.

Maaa utilizes storytelling as one common language that can help us see beyond our political differences, as we come closer together when we know each other’ stories.  We aim at creating stories that inspire resistance and change, and help other people find healing, meaning, and joy.

Maaa Art works with artists and other community members to create plays and films. Through our art and collaborations, we seek to build a community of engagement, creativity, and mutual support.